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Conversation around PDT : SMIS

Conversation around PDT : SMIS

PDT stands for Product Development Team, and SMIS stands for Scrum Master Improvement Sprint. The conversation around PDT and SMIS is an important one in the Agile methodology, as it relates to how Scrum Masters can continually improve their skills and help their teams become more effective. In the context of Agile, the Product Development …

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PMBOK6 - Program Management

PMBOK6 – Program Management

PMBOK6 – Program Management refers to the process of managing multiple related projects as a group to achieve a strategic objective. It involves overseeing the interdependencies between different projects to ensure that they align with the overall goals and objectives of the program. Program management provides a framework for coordinating and prioritizing the resources, …

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Scrum Master Interview question

Scrum Master Interview question

The topic of Scrum Master interview questions is important for both interviewers and candidates, as it helps ensure that the best candidates are selected for the role and that Scrum Masters have the necessary skills and experience to be successful. In a video on Scrum Master interview questions, experts in the field may discuss a …

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